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DB move question

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Marc Hummel
Frequent Visitor

DB move question

I'm in the process of adding an additional ovsd app server (seperate hw) originally when we set up the app server we set up the following all on one box, now we want two:

1. app
2. ftp/attachments
3. cmdb
4. service pages

What I want to do is move the DB off original server (detach) and move to SQL cluster. I then want to point both the orig and the new app server to this DB.

Will this work without effecting attachments, etc?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: DB move question

Hello Marc,

The attachments are stored in a ftp server. This server could be anywhere. So as long as you don't modify ftp server I don't think that you'd have any problem with attachments.

If you move ftp server to another machine you should copy the excact tree to the new location.

And something I have notice when moving DB: If you export sd_userDB via backup from the current location and import it to the new location using restore sd_user (assuming that you use this db account) looses his rights and must be deleted and recreated using the old password... or I 'm doing something wrong since I'm not dba !
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Marc Hummel
Frequent Visitor

Re: DB move question

Thanks George,
I will let you know the result, I've just seen some things in the forum that "warn" something bad may happen to attachments... etc. when doing something like this.
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