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Customize subview on CI form

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Customize subview on CI form

On the CI form, there is the section to relate CIs to other CIs via "Relate" button. Currently, we have CI relation type; CI to; CI to Formal Name; CI to Common Name; CI to Type; CI to Serial Number; CIto Unique; CI to Max Installation.

Question is how do you customize those column? I want to remove Serial Number, Unique, and Max Installation columns.

HPSD 4.5 SP17

Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Customize subview on CI form

Hi James,

as previously posted to these fourms there is a rule fo thumb - if you can right click the view / column and you get an option to change the colums you are in luck.

If you right click the column and you do not get the option to change the view . column there is little you can do to modify it.