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Customizations in OVSD

Durga Srinivas
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Customizations in OVSD

Hi All,
I need to know whteher we can do the following customizations in OVSD with latest patch SP23.

1) Can we prevent the users from attaching/detachingg files from the service calls/incidents/change requests by role permissions settings?

2) How to control if two users tries to update the same record at the same time?Will it be possible to display a error message to the second user saying that the file has already been updated by the first user?

3) Send notifications to the users if they haven't approved a request by deadline?

4) Can we have a calendar view for change/project records?

Rytis Damalakas
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Re: Customizations in OVSD

I worked only with sp13, so my answer could be inaqurate

1. Yes, you can. Role settings/service calls/advanced - and modify field access rights. Make field "attachments" read only
2. SD does that for you - it prompts if two users modified the same record and asks to merge them
3. Dont know about approvals
4. I think not - try to manualy create view - there should be option just to select gannt chart

Jay Mistry
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Re: Customizations in OVSD


1) Yes you should be able to prevent users attaching files to calls via the admin console.

2) after SP20 there is call locking notification, if one user has the call open a message appears telling the user of this. this is improved functionality as currently this message only appears when you try to save the record and then it forces a merge.

3) Yes you can send notifications if a approval has not been done by the deadline, simply by using a DB rule.

4) Im unaware of calendar views.

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Re: Customizations in OVSD

1.Tools->System->Security->Access->Role->(SelectRole)->Select Item (Servicecall)->Click on Advanced->Fields->Select Attachment and Hide

2.Tools->System->GeneralSettings->Application->User Notification Message->Select the appropriate option

3. Hope you are referring to the Approval workflow, if yes. I don't think any direct way of enabling the reminder notification specially to the approvers who have not provided their vote.

4. I don't think calendar view is possible with SP20, hope you aware the Project View is available.