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Custom WO names in SD4.5 SP17

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Joe Cormane
Frequent Contributor.

Custom WO names in SD4.5 SP17

I'm looking to configure the names on Work Orders to dynamically append the name of the parent change to it. Example:

Change template would have 2 work orders:

Person 1 Change Approval -
Implementation -

then when Change X is created based on that template, it would generate the appropriate WO names:

Person 1 Change Approval - Change X
Implementation - Change X

Is there any way to do this in 4.5 SP17
Ruth Porter
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Custom WO names in SD4.5 SP17

Hi there,
By "name" do you mean the description field?

If so a DB rule like the following should work:
when WO created or modified
condition; description(*) is NOT empty
action data update
description = Concatenate change;description with WO description with spaces as required.

Hope this helps
Joe Cormane
Frequent Contributor.

Re: Custom WO names in SD4.5 SP17

Thanks very much, Ruth. That was extremely helpful.