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Current User

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Current User

Hello all,

I have created an UI Rule, I want that Rule to be able to dynamically recognize the user but I don't know how to do it, for instance I have an user notification message in which im using the following attribute to talk to users:[Registration;Modified by;Account name], but what this attribute did is that it gives me the account name for the last user who successfuly modified a field, something ALREADY happened, but what I need is to recognize the CURRENT user who is trying to change something and show him that notification message.

George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Current User

Hello Lina,

Create a custom text field and a ui rule when item is opened then update this text field to the value of current user (it's a function on the update data).

Then in your other ui rule use this field instead of [Registration;Modified by;Account name]
menes fhtagn
Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Current User


We have followed George's suggestion - it works fine.

However, it means that anyone just looking at an item will be asked if she or he wants to save it when they quit the item, even though they did not update the item manually. This can be extremely annoying to people.

Regular Collector

Re: Current User

Thank you George, Thanks you Josh,

I did as you said, exept that I used a Person custom field not text [ I think I know now why text didn't work] and it works fine now.

Caroline Kraaij
Super Collector

Re: Current User


Useful suggestion!

In our case the Current user is represented with its Name-field in the custom field. Since name is not unique, is there a way to present the Employee number or Account of the user in this field?

Thanks in advance.

Leonardo De San
Senior Member

Re: Current User

I have the same problem with the text field: I made my UI rule and I put the CURRENT_PERSON custom field in a form to see it changing, but I find no value in it.

The problem is that I have no "Person" field available in my Service Call custom field.

Any suggestion or workaround?

thank you
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event