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Crystal Reports & HP Service Desk - History

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Crystal Reports & HP Service Desk - History

Ok in a earlier post I recieved alot of good advice and I now know to use the V_Servicecall view for my reports. What about history? I'd like to know who modified ticket and what it's history is. I'd like to pick all the info out of this feild. What view should I use? and any advice?
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Re: Crystal Reports & HP Service Desk - History


1. Choose System from the Tools menu.
2. In the Administrator Console select Security -> Audit -> Audit Rules.
3. In the right panel open, for example, Service Call, select Audit These Attribute and tick the box for the attributes you want to monitories.
4. (Re)generate database views for reporting from System Panel -> Report Settings
5. Views are prefixed with a "v_" and for history line are the following:
v_history_line_service_cal, v_history_line_change, v_history_line_configurati, v_history_line_incident, v_history_line_problem, etc.