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Creating projects

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Creating projects


is there any possibility to create a project out of a Service Call by an Action or anything else (and to relate this new project with the source servicecall)?

Our situation:
We are doing Demand Management in the following way. First a Service Call is created by Service Pages and then a Change can be created by an Action.
Now we have more complex changes so we want to create multiple changes per service call. As I see there are projects, to combine changes and to even have a logical order between them.
So, that is the background for the question at the top.

Thanks in advance for all answers.

Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Creating projects


You can always create one type of item from another by using sd_dataform.bat (if you want to do the creation interactively), or sd_event.

You can also create relations between items (like between projects and changes) via sd_dataform.

You might find that the logic required to decide what to create and how to relate the items might be more complex than what can easily be built using DB rules. Therefore, you might need to have a DB rule call an external program which then runs sd_event.

That's the theory. If you have a specific detailed example we could look in more detail.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Creating projects

Hi Josh,

thanks for you hint to SD-Events...

I'm already creating Changes with ServiceCall as source using SD-Events.

Now I'm creating Projects with ServiceCalls as source, too.

Unfortunately the Relation between the ServiceCall and the Project has to be done manually by filling a Custom Field with the ServiceCall ID.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event