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Create Change From Service Call

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Steve Sills
Trusted Contributor.

Create Change From Service Call

When creating a Change from a Service Call, I would like the template of the Change to be something other than the default Change template without the user having to click the drop down and selecting the template I want them to. Can this be accomplished and if so, how? Thanks.

Steve Sills
Robert S. Falko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Create Change From Service Call


You can simulate this result by using sd_dataform.bat to create the change. In this way, you can set the fields to whatever you want, just the way you do with a template.

Just create a new smart action and call sd_dataform.bat as the application. Pass as parameters the form name you wish to use, then the values for the fields you wish to set (e.g., +"Title=[Title]" +"My field=This is a default value" etc.).

Note that you cannot pass a template name as a parameter to sd_dataform.bat