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Copying selected incidents between Service Desks

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Jacek Pliszka_2
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Copying selected incidents between Service Desks

Hi All!

I am doing a small research - we need to integrate 2 HP Service Desks 4.5.

The servers are in different companies and
we need to copy selected incidents from to the other one way and copy updates to these incidents both ways. Attachments are crucial.
Servers do not fully see each other but we have a subnet that both servers (including FTP) are visible.

What is the best solution ? We already know about web-api (direct db access is not possible). I heard something about web interface.

Can someone comment on the options ?

Thanks in Advance,

Radovan Skolnik
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Re: Copying selected incidents between Service Desks

WEB-API is one option: you create a program that will be triggered by DB rule that will connect to the other SD and create or update appropriate Incident. For that port 30999 needs to be open in both directions. Attachments will be a bit more complicated as for attaching a file you need to transfer it to target's SD server filesystem, then it's possible to attach it.

Another option is similar but does not require coding: sd_event that is usually used for creating/updating/deleting objects from command line. It is in fact HTTP POST only - see how it is implemented for Solaris/HP-UX platforms (a PERL script). So you'd start it from DB rules as well. I am not sure it can handle attachments at all.

Then there's an option to do HTTP requests as actions in DB rules. It maybe used as an alternative to the above option (no need to run external script/command) or create 2 servlets (1 for each SD server) that will handle the incoming requests and do the appropriate actions locally (using WEB-API probably).
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Re: Copying selected incidents between Service Desks

Here's another way to consider. Send emails between each SD to create and update incidents.