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Contribute your SD utilities to ovinternals website

Carol Hibbard
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Contribute your SD utilities to ovinternals website

There is a website that has traditionally offered contributed utilities for OVOW, that could be used to share utilities for SD as well. For example the utilities offered at this site would be great candidates:

To contribute items, email the website owner at:

Visit the website at:

General guidelines for items to be considered for posting on this website:
Generally, we require that the tool be applicable generically to OV solutions, and that the tool has a readme and basic instructions (or is at least so simple that it "self documents"). In addition, we'd need brief descriptions of the tools and their requirements/prerequisites so we can build the HTML page referring to the tools - We'd be happy to create a section of tools for ServiceDesk or any other OV product you can submit tools for. Also, the author allows for redistribution of the software without royalties, etc....