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ConnectIT3.81 java.lang.NullPointerException error

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ConnectIT3.81 java.lang.NullPointerException error

I am using the (Connect IT 3.81) migration connector for Service Desk 4.5 to write it to a delimited text file using delimited connector, I have three mappings in my scenario.. The first one maps around 5 fields and writes it to a delimited text file ---- Successful

The second mapping writing 12 fields with a validation of status.text (PIF code) and writes it to a delimited text file -----Sucessful.

the thrid mapping from the same connector..comes out giving an error.

2008/10/21 10:36:2.000 2 1 (0) java.lang.NullPointerException

2008/10/21 10:36:15.000 3 2 Error - could not shut down SD session: va/lang/Object;!
2008/10/21 10:36:15.000 3 2 ManagedConnectionFactory.closeSession(ManagedConne Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: va/lang/Object;\r\n * Stack trace:\r\n -> ctorUtils.killSession(\r\n -> ManagedConnectionFactory.closeSession(ManagedConne\r\n -> com.hp.ov.cit.container.BootstrapContext.onSession Close(\r\n -> com.hp.ov.cit.container.AbstractConnection.onSessi onClose(\r\n -> com.hp.ov.cit.container.query.AbstractSession.clos e(\r\n -> com.peregrine.conit.connector.proxy.SessionProxy.c lose(\r\n

2008/10/21 10:36:15.000 2 2 Document(s) produced rejected: 1
2008/10/21 10:36:15.000 2 2 Document(s) produced ignored: 14231
2008/10/21 10:36:15.000 0 4 Stopping scenario...

any input knowledge sharing appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Re: ConnectIT3.81 java.lang.NullPointerException error

I have had some weird probs with 3.81 HP have sent us a hotfix for it (167mb) the hotfix is 3.81.7661, by its size it is more than a small fix. i applied it last night, it is now wait and see.