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Configuring and using tree views

Matthias Schäre
New Member.

Configuring and using tree views

I am using OVSD 4.5 (SP15) and try to setup a tree view in order to see parent/child relationships. I have two things that do not work and for which I have not found a solution yet:

1. When using fields with dates in it I get an error message saying that I need to change the date format to short date format. When I try to do so I can select the short date format but the next time I look at the format of the field it has switched back to long date format.
When using the tree view containing date fields the output returns no CI at all. Anyone seen similar behaviour before?

2. When I do an Advanced Find the selection is empty too. I only can look at all my CIs or none. Is this intended or is there a way that I could narrow my selection with tree views?

I have to admit that I am pretty new to OVSD, so apologize for the unqualified questions.
Any hint is appreciated.