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Configuration exchange for SLM configuration


Configuration exchange for SLM configuration


is there a mechanism availablE IN SD 5.1 SP1 to export your services, service definitions, SLA's, Service levels (objectives), etc. and import this on another server?

Data exchange is one possibility but seems to complex for something which should be standard functionality.

Best regards

Mike Bush
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuration exchange for SLM configuration

Ahh well, your idea of "standard functionality" and HP's can be well different! ACES (AKA Configuration Exchange) concentrates totally on the REPO side of things, ie those created and maintained by the Admin Console at 4.5 - HP OV Config workspace at 5.

Bulk Data such as CIs, Services, SLAs etc has never been covered (although you could argue it should be).

Your best bet is to set up some export/import mappings and go down the Data Exchange route - it will be painful to set up but once stable should work reliably.

Re: Configuration exchange for SLM configuration

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the respons.

Indeed the ACES (config exchange) is only for the adminstration configuration and not the operational data. But Service, service definitions, SLA, SLO etc. is, for me, something in between. :-)

It will be very hard to setup data exchange for this. All the fields and relations. It's a pitty there is nothing easier.

Best regards

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