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Configuration Item open with the right form

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Alina Festeu
Super Contributor.

Configuration Item open with the right form

I'm using SD 4.5, Sp.23 on Hp-ux platform.
I would like that when a CI is open(ex. worstation) to be opened with the form workstation.Similar for Ipphone, Display...
Is there a rule that makes this possible?

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Configuration Item open with the right form


you need to look at using Dynamic forms. You set up subforms for say the categories with the various CI's, create a generic relationship and use 1 UI rule to achieve it.

This is all documented in the addendum released from SP 20 onwards. You are at an SP level that supports dynamic forms. there should also be a document in the /docs folder of the SP extract folder.

Be sure to test as there can be a slight delay in opening CI's with dynamic forms for users far away from the application servers - it depends on the fields placed on the subform and the quantity.
Peter Dent
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Re: Configuration Item open with the right form


Mark, isn't there a restriction on the number of sub forms that can be used?

Another option, which I use, is to create what I called a Generic CI form. The generic form as the name suggests shows generic fields, things like Serial Number, Short Description, and Asset Number. Fields which are common to all or most CI's.

The Generic form is set as the default form, so when somebody double clicks an item in a list the generic form is displayed.

The generic form also has a button on it, named "Open Details Form". When the users clicks this button a smart action is run which uses the item ID to open another form for that particular CI.

The form it opens is dependant on the Category. A UI rule says :

If Category = Desktop PC
Smart Action - Open Desktop Form ID=ID of item

So you have one Generic form, a series of detailed forms and a set of UI rules, one per detailed form.

The detailed forms can be used directly by highlighting an item in a view and click the OPEN icon on the toolbar and choose the appropriate type of form from those shown. This cannot be done from advanced search though, hence the need for the button on the generic form.