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Configuration Item View

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Alok Shrotri
Honored Contributor.

Configuration Item View

I am loading Configuration items to SD4.5 which has SP20. After 10000 items, it does not show me the total number of CI present in CMDB. It says '10000 Item(s)(Query restricted)'

How do I see the correct count of CI in the status bar?

George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Configuration Item View

Hello Alok,

You can alter the limit at Administrator Console/Presentation/Search/Configuration Item. Since you are using SP20, you can even specify weather newer items or older items will be presented if the limit is reached.

Have in mind though that 10000 is a very reasonable limit and if you choose to have higher limit or no limit at all, the view will be slower. In cases with many configuration items and no limit you will even get time outs and client freezes.
menes fhtagn
Jan Zonnenberg
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Configuration Item View

Hello George and others,

Your answer Ttriggered me. We also have freezing clients when excuting large querrys and we have no querry restriction. This because views are used te make reports with copy/paste.

do you know a way to influence these freezes other than the querry restrictions?

Do you know if there is a way to use querry restriction for most users and not use it for the people who analyse data? I thought this was new feature of a SP higher then 17 which we use.

Kind regards Jan?
George M. Meneg
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Configuration Item View

Hello Jan,

The query restrictions, if enabled, are enforced for all users and they are not role based.

I suggest to start looking for a third party tool for reporting.
menes fhtagn