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Conditional popup view

Richard Munn
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Conditional popup view

I'm quite new to customising ServiceDesk so I hope this question makes sense.

We have a requirement to produce a "popup" view that shows the calls that are open against a certain CI. This "popup" is opened whenever the user changes the CI in the service call form. The idea is to alert the user that existing calls are open and give them the oppertunity to look at those calls before raising a new call (in some cases they really need to augment an existing call rather than open a new one).

I have managed to do this with a UI rule against the service call that says that if the CI changes then call an overview action to show a view where the the CI matches the CI just entered.

This works fine but... The users complain because 99 times out of 100 the CI does not have an existing open call or calls so they get a blank popup which they must close every time they change the CI.

Is there any way to check if the number of matched calls that would be displayed in the view is > 0 so that the popup can be avoided if no open calls can be found??? This seems to be half database rule and half UI rule and I'm not sure how to handle it if it can be handled at all.

We are using ServiceDesk 4.5 SP18.
Ivan Sakharov
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Re: Conditional popup view


We have made the same functionality and faced the same problem. I think that it is impossible to make conditional popup. You cant count the result of overview action by means of standard SD tools.
Mario Brackeva
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Re: Conditional popup view

I had a similar idea a while ago. We have a popup window showing open calls for the caller.

You can achieve this by adding a new field for a person that holds the number of open calls for that person. You can maintain that by creating a few DB rules.

However, I postponed the idea since I fear that support engineers will start getting worried that the feature they are used to doesn't work properly anymore. Also, maintaining the new field takes some careful thinking because you need to take all combinations into account.
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Conditional popup view


there is one benefit of leaving things as they are. At least you know it works all the time as even when there are no CI's it pops up. It is annoying though where there is nothing there but at least you know the users know.

If you don't limit the view to open calls but the the user see all calls for the CI, they may be able to see other similar logged issues against that CI and either spot a trend or a previous solution.