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Concurretn users not clearing

Yvonne Duxfield
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Concurretn users not clearing

We are using SD4.5 Sp17 and web console.
If the 2 concurrent users have been used then they log out, the next can not login as you keep getting a message saying only 2 concurrent users at one time. It seems to clear by the next day.

Is there something on the server which controls the concurret users and how long they are they stored before they unlock?
Ramaprasad N
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Re: Concurretn users not clearing

Time Out for user sessions is configured using the SSE (Start --> Programs --> hp Openview service desk --> application server --> server settings editor. Default will be 120 minutes. If you change this setting, you need to restart the OVSD application server, to obring the changes in to effect.

How many licenses do you have? Check your license settings (Admin Console --> System --> Licenses).