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Completely automating the Data Exchange

Marco Antonio G
Regular Collector

Completely automating the Data Exchange


I have already asked two questions regarding automating a Data Exchange task, so this would be the third, and hopefully final question.

Is it possible to execute both the extraction-XML preparation process and the actual Data Exchange Task all in one go, say, as in a *.BAT file as two separate command lines.

I am aiming for some sort of setup where the the Batch File is called from a specific Action within a specific role.

The big Picture is that I want to have users who feed data into a database or file and have all the necessary import mappings and configurations preset and ready in SD, only to be invoked via batch file, via Action, thus leaving a specific user with the simple task of executing the action and importing the data into SD without the need for him to be given Administrator privelages.

Re: Completely automating the Data Exchange

Did you ever get this working?
I want to do a very similar task

Thanks for any info
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: Completely automating the Data Exchange

Yes it can be done using sd_export and sd_import. However if you have this scripts execute on user's machine they will be able to see the password (sd_import needs a password).

On unix just set the script to rwx--x--x. On windows, well, i don't know.

Another posibility is to execute the script to the server through db rules so anyone who has no access to server has no access to scripts.
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