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Command line


Command line

Hi all,
Can someone guide on how to use command line for SD 5.0 or SD 4.5?
I entered this command in command prompt:
ovconsolecmd -isrunning
A message like this is returned:
Using C:\[HOMEPATH]\jre\1.4\bin\javaw.exe

may I know what does it mean?
Thank you.

Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Command line

Hi there,

There was an earlier posting which said that editing the the ovconsole.bat file (usually in C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\bin) to replace

javaw.exe with

cures the fault.

I did this and now it works

Hope this helps

Fenny Low
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Command line


Can i have the url pls?
Thank you very much

Fenny Low
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Command line

I replaced javaw.exe with java.exe in ovconsole.bat.
i tried testing with the command again. but, i am getting the same message.

please help.

Thank you.
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