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Command Exec Action

M Kumar

Command Exec Action

Hi All,

Please help me in resolving this issue on an argent basis.
The issue is that i want to display a message on a particular system when a service call is raised by a particular user, as i know it can be done via Command Exec Action, also i tried but failed. What Syntax i should use in "Commandline:" and "Parameter:" fields in defining Command Exec Action.

Oscar U Diaz
Regular Collector

Re: Command Exec Action

When you say system, you mean to the host, if so you should make a rule DB like this:

When service call is created
where Registration;Created by;Host (*) is (exactly) XXXXXX
AND Registration;Created by (*) YYYYYYY

And then run banner.exe and you give the parameters
M Kumar

Re: Command Exec Action

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for your response. Please see the attached file, what mistake i m doing due to which message is not displaying in specified host.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event