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Code fields in Service Call module

Cesar Lozano
Regular Collector

Code fields in Service Call module


Since we upgrade to SP15 some new Code fields were included in the custom fields list available for the Service Call module.

There is no problem if any of this new Code fields is activated, the problem comes up when I try to add new values to it.

When I try to save a new value an error message pops up (See Image attached).

Any ideas what i need to do?....

Im working with HPOV SD 4.5 - SP15.

Thanks in advanced

Best Regards,

Vasily Kamenev
Honored Contributor

Re: Code fields in Service Call module

Stop the application server, clear server's cache folder from any files, run the server, try. If this is not helped, then update passed not correctly, look on log about errors.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event