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Client roles in SD5.1

Dusko Milosevic
Super Contributor.

Client roles in SD5.1

Hi folks,

I have some problem with initial installation od SD5. I have installed the server and client, made new user, made new role, assign that role to the user, but when I start client, I have no Service Desk tab, can't make a new Service Call, CI or anything... I thought that choosing a workspace in role will give me the view of that workspace in the client view. Pleace advice on how to make a role that works.

Attached prt sc of client view.

Thank you,

Sean Almond
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Re: Client roles in SD5.1

Have you

Allocated New, View, Modify rights to the user as well as the workspaces. Also you need to add forms, views and templates to the role
Andrey Moisseye
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Client roles in SD5.1

It will not help untill you will not install two additional packages "HPOvSdDem" and only after you can choose and customize roles