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Clearing demo data in servicedesk

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Clearing demo data in servicedesk

Hi Al,

How can we remove data from sd4.5?

Thanks in Advance,
Tommy Koronen_1
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Re: Clearing demo data in servicedesk

Use Archiving:
One way to do it is to use Archiving.
This way you will get information about the deleted items into XML-files.
Use archiving views to define what items to delete.

Use Delete:
List all the items you want to delete in a view. Select all items listed, and then Delete.
Repeat this for all item types you want to delete.

Use SQL:
This is the fastest way to delete ALL items!
Connect directly to the database, and execute commands like this:
delete from ITSM_INCIDENTS;

You can add a "where" conditions if you want to control what items to delete.


The Pike
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Re: Clearing demo data in servicedesk

If you go with deleting records directly, make sure you know what you're doing. You might end up with your database in a unsupportable and more importantly... unusable state and render your support contract with HP invalid.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event