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Classification/Checklist Limitations

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Classification/Checklist Limitations


I would like t know if there is any Limitation of:
- Number of questions in Checklists
- Number of classifications in Classification field.

thanks in advance
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Classification/Checklist Limitations

Hi, I dont think that there is a limitation to the number of questions in a checklist - though have never tested this. The issue may be with users having to complete a very long checklist. Will they accept it / complete it?

Same with classification. I don't believe ther eis a limit with the ammount that you can add however you cannot show a clooasped view by default so if the list is very long users may have difficulty finding the codes.
Marc Hummel
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Re: Classification/Checklist Limitations

I'm with Mark, havn't tested it yet... haven't had the need, We always try to keep things as simple as posible which makes it easier to staff who aren't 1000 feet deep in the tool... that and through repeatable process, especially when you simplify as much as possible, you can automate more with less administration...

I do know that with a large classification list/hierchy you run into limitations with UI rule field limitations. We had a very large almost rediculous amount of classifications which when redundant classifications were identified and removed we were back in biz. I cannot remember the number we had off the top of my head, sorry.

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