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Cheking IP address in SD45.

Meine de Vries
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Cheking IP address in SD45.

We are using Service Desk 4.5 servicepack 31. On several occasions we have had problem with people entering incorrect IP addresses with a CI. Is there a way to check for a properly formatted IP address in a UI rule? The check is something like:

if not null,
must be 4 parts delimited by a period
each part must be 1-3 digits
each part must be from 0 - 255


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Re: Cheking IP address in SD45.


You can not enforce such a checking rule in SD 4.5 as there is no feature available for such things.

But let it insert, you can query the DB and generate the report with these conditions checked in the SQL query. Based on the output you can go to specific CI and update it.

The Pike
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Re: Cheking IP address in SD45.

Or you can still use a UI rule, have a web server do the check, return a certain value to a field and have another UI rule execute before the CI is saved to warn the user the IP address is formatted incorrectly.

Hope this helps.
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The Pike