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Checklist triggering

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Checklist triggering


I set a Classification Checklist with a few questions and related it to a Classification.

When I choose this classification while creating a SC, the Checklist doesn't pop up.

Shouldn't it be enough to relate it to the Classification? Do I need to set up an UI rule too?
Jonathon Druce
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Re: Checklist triggering

You do need to trigger this with a UI rule. It will only run the standard Checklist wizard from which the user can choose to cancel.
André Miranda
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Re: Checklist triggering

Let me check if I understood what you said... I'll have to set an UI Rule, that will trigger the Checklist wizard, from which the user must choose the correct Classification/Checklist?

What's the point of this? What I wanted was a checklist that would pop up when the user selected the corresponding classification on the SC...
Stephen Ellis_2
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Re: Checklist triggering

You do need to have a UI rule like:
When a value has changed where Classification (*) equals SoftwareORApplication

The action is then System Action - Checklist Wizard

The wizard should then open the Checklist applicable to teh Classification.

So you have one UI rule for all Classifications. You can make it more complicated by having more conditions than just the Classification but the Checklist will still match the Classification.