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Checklist Wizard from UI rule

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Checklist Wizard from UI rule

Hi guys

We are using HP SD 4.5 SP20

I know its possible to open the checklist wizard from a UI rule by using system action, but is it possible to open a specific checklist from the rule? right now the users have to select the checklist they want to use.
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: Checklist Wizard from UI rule


if you relate the checklist to a service or classification and set a UI rule as follows then the checklist related to the service or classification will be the default for the user

Admin console-Data-Checklist-classification checklist-new classification checklist
Complete the questions
Relate the checklist to a classification (right side of the screen)

Set up a general UI rule to launch the related classification checklists

When a value has changed
where NOT (Classification;Checklist (*) is empty)
Checklist Wizard (System action)

This will default the related checklist based on the SR classification (if a checklist has been related to that classification). The same can be done for service checklists.

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Re: Checklist Wizard from UI rule

Thanks a lot Mark. I just tested it and its working great.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event