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Change user data using Service Pages

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Change user data using Service Pages

Hi everyone!

I have a little problem: A client ask me for a way to change some data from the User account to work on Service Desk... But is the user who is going to change this data, like the E-mail or the phone number and this change is need to be done through the Services Pages.

Any ideas?

I know that the user can change the password, but I don't know how to let the user change this other data.

Thanks for any help.
Honored Contributor

Re: Change user data using Service Pages


Please notice that Service Pages is a very limited client, which is used only to create/review support tickets opened by the users.

You can even have access to Service Pages without even having a person record in Service Desk, therefore what your client needs to do is not possible through Service Pages.

Keeping/updating person records is normally a task that needs to be done by any System Administrator or a user with access to update Person records in their role (i.e. human resources staff).

Randall Barrantes
SW Support Delivery Manager
Radovan Skolnik
Honored Contributor

Re: Change user data using Service Pages

It's not impossible as Err suggests. However some coding would be required - Service Pages alone won't be able to satisfy what you need.

You need to create a page where user has the option to update her/his data. When the data is submitted it needs to go to some "worker" that has enough rights to update Person records. That can be done in few ways:

1) you can create a .jsp that will use WEB-API to perform the task

2) you can do it via invoking sd_event or even better replicating it's functionality as it is HTTP POST request sent to SD server (see how it is implemented in PERL for Solaris or HP-UX)

3) you maybe could do it via mail update (not sure)

Re: Change user data using Service Pages

Hi Radovan!

You are saying "a Worker"... This worker is a DB Rule? Or if other thing like a program?

I have some problems with it because I don't have the WebApi documentation, also, I never have worked with the WebApi.

Do you have the documentation?

Thanks a lot!
Radovan Skolnik
Honored Contributor

Re: Change user data using Service Pages

By worker I mean part of the application - for example a servlet that would handle those requests and either call WEB-API or invoke sd_event... Anyway some programming skills are reuired...

WEB-API docs are part of the documentation and I think you can also find it in each service pack.
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