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Change template with workorders

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Change template with workorders

Hi guys,

I'm creating some change templates in our service desk 4.5 (SP23) environment.

I have problems with a template with related work orders. The work orders has to be completed in a sequence except the last step.

It should work like this:

Work order 1
Work order 2
Work order 3
Work order 4, Work Oder 5, work order 6

Meaning when work order 3 is closed, you can start on both work order 4, 5 and 6.

Is this not possible?
George M. Meneg
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Re: Change template with workorders

The way OVSD is implemented you cannot do that (see
Chained work orders are created from last to first and two work orders can't point to the same predecessor (through templates).

There are two options, autowo and sd_event went work order 3 is closed to create the last three work orders.

You can find autowo in the \api directory where you extracted the service pack.
menes fhtagn
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Re: Change template with workorders

Thanks buddy, just what I needed.