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Change out of Change

Stefan Sagstett
Trusted Contributor.

Change out of Change


I have some tricky problem here. Perhaps someone can help...

We have to organizations A and B. A creates a change. Somewhere in this change there is a point (perhaps a workorder or something else) where A needs activities from B. B therefore creates a change for themselve. B works on this change and closes it after some time. When B's change is closed A can continue with its change, solve and close it.

An example: A's change is to update a certain software to a newer version. A has a change for that. A needs new hardware, because ressources are to little for that new software. A calls B to get new storage or some other hardware. B has its change for changing the hardware structure. B at some time finished the change. A now can change the software.

My problem is, how to map this process to HPOVSD.

(1)I want to have a process where there is a intersection point of change A to change B and another one from change B to change A.
(2)I want change B to be automatically created when change A reaches a state.
(3)I want a relation between those two changes so that a later reporting is possible.

So... Do I think the wrong way? Do you have any ideas to implement that? Are there possibilities to change that process so that it can work?

Thanks in advance.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Change out of Change

Hi Stefan,

I think you need to analyse the steps needed to complete the whole change and look into using workorders.

Then the chnage would have 3 workorders in a predecessor/successor cahin as follows:

WO1 for Org A, WO 2 for Org B, WO3 for Org A. Then if you make the next WO in the chain as soon as the predecessor completes*, you should be able to do what you want.

To achieve * in 4.5 you will need a DB rule on a WO that updates its successor's status; for version 5, you will need to set the settings on the status definition.

Hope this helps