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Change deadline

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Change deadline


I need limit the modification to deadline field. I want that only the SPOC and the person who create the item can change this field, but I need that everyone can select the deadline when is create the item.

I think I can't do that with a simple UIR. My idea is create a new date field and copy the deadline when the item is create, and after do a UIR: when someone open the item and change the deadline, and is not a SPOC member or is not the enter by person, then show a error message and copy de date in the new field to deadline.

I don't know is is the right form to do that, for me is some "primitive". Is there other idea?
Ruth Porter
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Re: Change deadline

Hi there,

You can do this with a role, a custom date field and a dB rule.

First set the field Deadline to read only for the relevant roles.

Then let anyone alter the custom field and have a DB rule:

When SC created
Condition NOT Custom field is empty,
Action data update set DEadline to custom field.

Then even if they alter the custom field again it will not affect the deadline,

Hope this helps, Ruth
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Re: Change deadline


You can try this..

you need to create two UIR.

first create one Date custom field=Original deadline.

in first rule:

After the form for an existing object is opened
Condition = NOT(Deadline is empty)
Action = Original deadline set to deadline

in second rule:

When a value has changed
Condition = Deadline*is anything
Action = Deadline set to make empty
Use notification message(saying it cannot be changed)
Deadline set to Original deadline

Try and let me know if this worked.