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Change Tooltips text?

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Carlos Castaned
Occasional Contributor

Change Tooltips text?


I'm trying to find a way to change the yellow tooltips that appears when you hold the mouse icon over a field for example. By default the fieldname will appear, but how can this text be modified?

Thanks in advance!
Carlos Castaneda

Re: Change Tooltips text?

Hi carlos,

the tooltips can be changed (what's this functionality). Go into the admin console and go to presentation, localized text and what's this.
there you will find the items you are looking for

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HPE Expert

Re: Change Tooltips text?

To edit a What's This? help text:
From the Tools menu, choose System.
In the Administrator Console, open the Presentation node.
Open the Text node, and choose What's This Help.
In the view, open the language group you want to edit.
Find and select the What's This? help text you want to translate.
Right-click the What's This? help text and choose Open from the popup menu.
In the Text dialog box, translate the text and select an entry for the Status field.
Carlos Castaned
Occasional Contributor

Re: Change Tooltips text?

Hi again and thanks for the replies!

I have localized where you mean, but I still can't find the right field texts to change.
For example, if I want to add a description text to the field "To workgroup" in a Service call form, I cannot find "To workgroup" under Presentation - Localized text - What´s this - English.
See attached screenshot.

Perhaps I'm a bit slow but I can't find this info in any manuals.
Thanks again.

Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: Change Tooltips text?

Hi Carlos,

It can be difficult to see which item to alter but in this case look for the entry with Key Assignment_AssWorkgroup.

Hope this helps


PS it is usual to give some points to people who respond

Re: Change Tooltips text?


maybe a little tip to trace the fields.
If you go in the forms and open up the screen that you have created, you using the right mouse button rename the fields. There you can see the Keyname. This way you may find back the field you are looking for in the tooltips.

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Carlos Castaned
Occasional Contributor

Re: Change Tooltips text?

Thanks for the replies to you all. But I just learned an even easier way to do this by our consultant.
Do an advanced search and Look for "what´s this", type in the start of the help text (right click on a field in a form and choose What's this). That way you will find the item keys based on the text and then you can edit the right key easily.

Hope this can help anyone.

Carlos Castaneda
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