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Change SC Templates - SD4.5 SP21

aaron afilalo
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Change SC Templates - SD4.5 SP21

Hi to all,

Basic Premise: Once a call has been newly opened and saved or sent by email, the template of the SC can not be changed.

I have a bunch of WOs attached to specific SC templates, so that an analyst can select that template and then the WO are sent to the various groups involved in completing a multi-task request. Ex. SC for new person comes in - WO are sent out for: PC purchase, accounts request, pc config, deliver pc.
The problem starts with the Basic Premise - once the call comes in by email, the template cannot be changed. This would mean that the analyst would have to add each WO individually, which goes against the idea of templates.
is there anyway to change the template of a saved call or add multiple WOs with a single action??
I thought of linking a second SC to the original SC, and then the second one could have template changes made, but that would skew call number totals.


George M. Meneg
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Re: Change SC Templates - SD4.5 SP21

Hello Aaron,

You can't alter the template of a saved item.

Or to be exact, you can alter the template but it won't load new values.

In your case if you don't have the change module your only chance is "autowo" (auto work order) (you can find more about this in the \api directory where you extracted the service pack)

If you have the change module then add a change with the appropriate work orders and link them to the existing service call.
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