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Change Management- Post Change Review?

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Change Management- Post Change Review?

Hi All,

I need to get a general understanding of the Post Change Review, as in what are the factors that you'd look into and review the Change that has been implemented for any of the Network, Infrastructure, Application and DB? Is there some sort of a document or an excel sheet where you'd tick off? This would really help me as I only understand the Change Approvals and Change Implementation procedures.

Thanks in advance.

Ruth Porter
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Re: Change Management- Post Change Review?

Hi Sandeep,

The post change review is something recommended by ITIL and is not really something you do in the tool although reports from the tool are a vital input to the process. The sort of things that should be covered are:

it had the desired effect & met objectives
Users & Customers are happy with outcoem,
any issues or unexpected or undesirable side-effects to functionality, availability, capacity/performance, security, maintainability etc are noted.
the resources planned for the change were correct
the implementation plan worked correctly
the Change was implemented on time and to budget
any rollback-plan functioned correctly, if needed.

ITIL also recommends that the CAB should follow up issues

To summarise the review is to check how ell or otherwise the chnage went and LEARN from it.

Hope this helps, Ruth
Mark O'Loughlin
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Re: Change Management- Post Change Review?


as Ruth says it is an activity however you can use fields in placed on the Change Request form that captures and records what you want to review in the Post Change Review meeting and use it going forward for trending and analysis.
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Re: Change Management- Post Change Review?

Thanks Ruth!
Thanks Mark!