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Change Approver email notification

Pritam Majumder
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Change Approver email notification


I am trying to implement a rule which will send emails to the list of approvers, whom I added in a change request -> Approval Tab -> Approvers(under Approver votes)
But when I try to create a database rule to send email to the approvers, I do not get any field which I can use to send email notification.

Does anybody have any solution?
Refer to the attached screen shot
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Re: Change Approver email notification

Hi Pritam,

I dont think you need a DB rule for it, its an out of box feature. Once the Approval Goup gets selected, the no. of approvers get populated (all the persons related to this group). You then need select the #Approvers Required and change the "Approval Status" to Active. Save this and a mail is sent to all the approvers in the list. Check the logs, you'll see that the Approval mails are fired.

All you might need is have rules to automate the population of the fields.

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Re: Change Approver email notification

Also you need to check the flag "Send me E-mail if I need to approve an object".

Praveen Janardhan