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Certificates error

Cesar A. Lozano
Trusted Contributor.

Certificates error

Hi all,

Im having problems applying the certificates.

C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\bin>ovcert -list

| Keystore Content |
| Certificates: |
| Trusted Certificates: |

C:\Program Files\HP OpenView\bin>ovcert -check -ovrg server

OvCoreId set : OK
Private key installed : FAILED
Certificate installed : FAILED
Certificate valid : FAILED
Trusted certificates installed : FAILED
Trusted certificates valid : FAILED

Check failed.

OVO receives the new certificate but at the time i click the "grant" button nothing is applied in the managed node and "ovcert -list" brings nothing on the screen.

Ping responds on both sides server manager and managed node. Hosts file has been edited on both sides as well.

The System.txt shows the following lines:

0: WRN: Wed : ovbbccb (17417/6): (bbc-90) The incoming HTTPS client connection from host XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX failed due to the SSL error:
1: WRN: Wed : ovbbccb (17417/6): (sec.core-116) An SSL connection IO error has occurred. This may be due to a network problem or an SSL handshake error. Possible causes for SSL handshake errors are that no certificate is installed, an invalid certificate is installed, or the peer does not trust the initiator's certificate.

Could somebody help me?.

Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards,

The Pike
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Certificates error


If the issue only applies to OVO and does not relate to OVSD, you'll probably have better luck posting in the 'OV Operations (ITO)' area, instead of 'OV IT Service Mgmt and Service Desk'.

The Pike