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Case sensitiv

Occasional Contributor

Case sensitiv


When I create a new servicecall and type a service, it is case sensitiv.

Platform : HP Servicedesk 4.5 SP11
DB : Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release

Can anybody help with that ?

Robert S. Falko
Honored Contributor

Re: Case sensitiv


The bad news is that H-P did not choose to develop queries on the Oracle platform that are not case sensitive. Apparently, on the MS SQL platform, you have more flexibility in this regard.

The good news, which will only partially address the issue of case sensitivity on an Oracle platform, is that any query should have a box on the second tab for case sensitivity. Make sure it is not checked before running the query.

Honored Contributor

Re: Case sensitiv

Are you concern that because you type a service in lowercase, it does not match an existing service which is in upper case ?
If that's the "case" (sorry bad pun, I couldl't resist), you can create an UI rule to populate the service field with the uppercase one whenever it detects lowercase service field or vice versa.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event