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Call open through link in automated email

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Call open through link in automated email


We work on SD 4.5 with SP4.

When a web call is logged, there is an automated message sent to the helpdesk with the call id.

Is there a way, such that I give a link in the mail itself that when the helpdesk agent clicks on the call id, the call opens for further process and viewing.

Pls help.

Van der Vennet
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Re: Call open through link in automated email

Hi Harini,

i think that this will become quite difficult. You have indeed that agent that could do something for you but the issue would be that you have the always the user which changes all the time. seen that you do not have his password it seems rather complicated to create this kind of action.
certainly if they make progress on the ticket.

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Re: Call open through link in automated email


I have implemented this feature. I did the following.

- Created a Database rule which runs a VB script which creates a cmd file with the following text:

@"%sd_clienthome%bin\sd_dataform.bat" "Service call" "ID="

where is the Service Call ID sent to the VB script from the DB rule. Cmd file is created for each Service Call with unique name e.g. c:\sdactions\SC\SC97.cmd and the sdactions folder is shared on the SD appserver.

- In the e-mail sent we add a reference to the cmd file e.g.


- Created a DB rule which deletes the cmd file with a VB script when the Service Call is closed. This is so the sdactions folder isnt filled up with lot of files but only with the amount of open calls.