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CMDB : CI with multiple IP's

Joffrey Bienven
Occasional Contributor

CMDB : CI with multiple IP's

Hello All,

i used OVSD 5.1 patch 4 on hpux,
i actually populate the CMDB and i encouter this:
i have some server's with multiple IP's like front-end and back-end ip's. we also have virtual host and some server in a mc/service guard cluster.

my question is anyone run into this ?
what are your best practice for server with multiple IP's ?
for virtual host i would create a CI, but what about backend ?
idea's are welcome.

Regular Collector

Re: CMDB : CI with multiple IP's

Hi Joffrey,

unfortunately, there is no listbox object in the custom fields for OVSD. That would be the obvious choice, but is sadly unavailable. The other options are to create a series of single fields, one of each IP, or record them in a free text box.

Ask youself why you want to record this information. If it is simply to have a record of the IP's, then free text will suffice. If it is to intergrate with other systems, then you may want to go with seperate fields.

HTH - Andrew
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: CMDB : CI with multiple IP's


this can be high maintenance / boring maintenance to maintain.

I would recommend storing the main IP of the server in the CI record. Any additional ones that you mention - can you use other tools to identify the IP's and import them into OVSD via scripting.

If users know the main IP address and also the one for remoting onto the CI itsself they should then be able to find the other IP's if they need them.
Ben Snell

Re: CMDB : CI with multiple IP's


Not always the best solution but you could store the NIC's as individual CI's and then relate them to the main CI? Can be difficult to report on but does store your data accurately.

Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: CMDB : CI with multiple IP's

Hi Ben,

thats a way to do it. It does add to the admin and maintenance of CI's but if they have the people/time/resources its an option.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event