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CI's - Contacts

Alfio Torrisi
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CI's - Contacts


i need to view in contact.g module ci's assigned to every contact.

I create a VJ and now i have a table in contact.g that shows ci's of contact. It works.
But now my customer wants the possibility to click on every ci's (in contact.g) to modify them...

How i can do it?
I attach some screen shoot...

Thank you!
Jacob Heubner
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Re: CI's - Contacts

Actually, this isn't that hard to do.

First, though, I would recommend copying the device.qbe.g form that you're using in your virtual join and use the copy instead, because we're going to be making some changes to it. Let's call it "contact.device.vj"

Use that as the subform used in your virtual join.

Then, edit the "contact.device.vj" form in Form Designer. Select the table, and in the Properties window, you'll see a "Double-Click Button ID" field and a "Double Click Field" field. In the "Double-Click Button ID" field, put 8 (that's the button for "Find") and in the "Double-Click Field" field, put "" (the unique field in the device table). Then save this form.

Then, you need to edit your link record for the contacts table to add a link for this virtual join.

Add the following line in the "contacts" link record:

Source Field Name:
Target File Name: device
Target Field Name:
Add Query: $query
Comments: VJ Only

Then, select that line and add the following:


That should do it.

If that helps, I appreciate points.