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CI not found but exists

Steven Curso
Regular Collector

CI not found but exists

Hi all,

I've come upon a strange error (bug?) and was wondering what I could be doing wrong. When I create a service call there are some CIs that when I type in the searchcode on the CI field of the service call it returns CI not found, but when I do advanced find it finds the CI and uses its value on the service call without any problem. Typo or case sensitive errors are out of the question because I've obviously tried it with copy/paste :).

I've been alerted by other people about this situation and when I try to recreate it I get the same problem.

This only happens with certain CIs which have nothing in common between then related to characters...

SP 4.5 , SP14
Ruth Porter
Honored Contributor

Re: CI not found but exists

Hi Steven

Can you post screen shots please

Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: CI not found but exists

Hi Steven,

something in the back of my head is telling me to look at the view that is set as the default view for the CI quick search to see if there is a filter set on the view being used which could restrict certain CI's being shown.

I can't test it at the moment but it might be worth a look.
Steven Curso
Regular Collector

Re: CI not found but exists

Feeling pretty dum right now but it seems that the configuration item field is using the name instead of the searchcode, when I insert the name it finds it correctly.

Thanks and sorry all :/
Raghunathan Tik
Frequent Visitor

Re: CI not found but exists

Hi Steven Curso,

Just check whether the CI that you are trying to use is blocked condition?

when you try to use the blocked CI's with ServiceCalls, you will not be able to see the same and get the above error, whereas these CI's can still be seen on the Advanced Find Option.

The other option is with the use of FOlder Option. Consider you have created different folders for different customers/departments and stored the CI in a folder which is different from the one that is available on the Service Call.

Do let me know if this helped you.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event