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CI - direct access and access from Work Order

Zeenath Aslam
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CI - direct access and access from Work Order

Hi All

There is requirement that CIs should not be directly updated from the CI module, but should be updatable from the WO.
That is, CIs should be in view mode when opened from CI module and should be in write mode when opened from Work Order for the same role.
Is there any way of implementing this restriction? Please give some suggestions on whether it is feasible and if so how.

Ruth Porter
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Re: CI - direct access and access from Work Order

Hi there,

I do know a company that successfully have used this approach.

The way they did was that the staff who were responsbile for each CI only had a read only view of those CIs. When the wanted to amend them, they put them on a WO and put in the planned values. A new status was added to a WO called "CI Update" after the completed Status and this was set as the status for the CMDB update.

Then a DB rule reassigned any WO that was a status Completed to a group who did ahve write access to cIs and they move the status on the "CI Update" one and so update the cMDB

Hope this helps, Ruth