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CI data exchange Import mapping into SD 5.1

Miles Peregrine
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CI data exchange Import mapping into SD 5.1


Import `via data exchange /mapping of CI's succeeded with default attributes. Where do I Import Attributes like Version,Model,#processors,RAM,Clock,OS an OS_SP if there are no fields available for such information. Do I have to create new fields and which and how to add the new attributes and which attributes are useful to be renamed?
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Steven De Smet
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Re: CI data exchange Import mapping into SD 5.1


2 options: load all this general information in the remarks field if you don't need to do fancy reporting on this attributes but they still need to be there for impact assesments or when this attributes can change;

Second option is to create fields for them via data, custom fields, Configuration item.
Be aware that SD 5.X has no unlimited custom fields (but still alot).

Considerations option 1: although you put info for several attributes in 1 free text field, you still can do a lot of reporting with the "contains" operator in searches and views.

Considerations option 2: if you use seperated fields for 1 catagory of CI's in your CMDB, these fields will stay empty for all other CI's and somethings lead to confusion if you have a lot of empty fields, so working with several tabs could help.
Dynamic forms are not in OVSD 5.X