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CI User Notification

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Hanspeter Loche
Regular Collector

CI User Notification

Hi All
On the Users Tab of the Configuration Items you can relate Users, we name them CIUsers.
What we would like to have is a possibility to send an e-mail to the CIUsers, based on a DB rule. Typical exemple: If a Change for a specific CI has been created not only the Owner but all CIUsers should get informed.
And, if the CI is a server, there are more related CIs e.g. Databases with other CIUsers. Those CIUsers should get informed as well.
Does anyone have a solution for that?
We would like to implement this in SD V5

Thanks a lot

Re: CI User Notification

We had to do a custom enhancement to accomodate this requirement. We did it through the use of a role of CI owner, CI administrator, and CI Interested Party, then we used custom fields on the person record to allow the users to select if they want notification. Thirdly we used DB rules to check the roles and checkboxes and send the e-mail.
Mark O'Loughlin
Honored Contributor

Re: CI User Notification


do you really want to email all users of a CI about changes? Will they care - will it confuse general users?

We did a similar approach where we use person lookup fields to set CI Admin and CI Owner fields. These people get notified for CI changes and if they want they can then inform the CI users or anyone else.
George M. Meneg
Honored Contributor

Re: CI User Notification

Well, in case of notifying persons it can be done. In case of notifying related cis person while it can be done you should avoid it cause it will lead to recursion.

So, just create a custom 4k field. Then through a CI db rule update related users custom 4k field to have the value of a predefined message.

Then a person db rule will fire when this custom field is modified and not empty, to mail the contents of this field to the user's e-mail. Make sure to clear the custom field after.

Now, through the same way you could update a related CI's boolean and to trigger the condition to send to their related users an e-mail. However if A is related to B then B is also related to A, so if you propagate through DB rule a field from A to B then when B is modified (to also set this trigger to it's related CIs) it will propagate to A.

menes fhtagn
Hanspeter Loche
Regular Collector

Re: CI User Notification

Dear All

Thanks a lot for all your help. I'll try it soon. Currently we do it via a custom program. It runs well but needs customizations if hp modifies the API. Therefore I would like to use hp tools only. That's what you advised.

Thank you
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