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CI Search Code in CI Wizard

Dusko Milosevic
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CI Search Code in CI Wizard

Hi all,

I have situations when I need to make a few new CIs but I have to give them exact Search Code, and thay should be made via New CI Wizard. I need Search Codes like HP1234 to HP1245, that is 11 new CIs. How to give the info to a CI wizard to start from HP1234 and to go on...


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Re: CI Search Code in CI Wizard

Unfortunately I think you can only create these using the object ID - starting with whatever the next object id is, or you can use a sequence number, but it only allows the selection of the number of positions to fill. For example if you choose 4, you'll get CI's like HP0001, HP0002, HP0004, etc. Another option that might be easier is to use a script to index the name value starting where you want the value and import the objects using the OvObsloadobject.bat utility. I've attached a batch file that has the command line arguments to load an object this way. You can set all of the values of the CI and just vary the name with the script.

In the example values that are enclosed in <....> are values that you need to replace, also any of the other attributes that you need to enter, such as the brand, model, just update these with your values. Make sure that you create the data import mapping that you need to map these value names to the actual CI fields. Good luck.