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CI Reverse Relation drop-down not populating

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CI Reverse Relation drop-down not populating


Currently we have 2 CI relations and this is being expanded to 10. To do this we are unblocking some out of the box relation types and creating a few more.

While doing this we want to setup reverse relations so when "Installed Software" is selected on one CI "Installed On" is selected on the related one.

When trying to select the reverse relation from Data --> Codes --> CI --> CI relation type and double clicking one of the relations here. We are only getting the selected relation type.

I have checked
- in the help and it says they should just be available.
- that all required relation types are unblocked
- purged my cache
- closed and reopened the program

I am confident this can be done as the two relation types we have at the moment are reverse related to each other.

We are using Service Desk 4.5 (SP21)
Lisa Denison
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Re: CI Reverse Relation drop-down not populating

Check that the relation type you want to select has nothing already set as it's reverse relation (even if it has itself as it's own reverse relation) - if it does, clear it. Service Desk will only display available relation types - ones which do not already have a reverse relation selected.

Hope that helps.

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Re: CI Reverse Relation drop-down not populating

Thanks Lisa - it's now working perfectly.