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CI Relation System View

Occasional Contributor

CI Relation System View

Using great information found elsewhere on the ITRC ( - first posted by George Menegakis I believe) I have been able to create a useful view which shows all CI relation entities grouped by "from CI" and displaying "To CI" as fields along with the relation type between the from and to CIs.

I would like to push this view out as a standard view to all users, but I'm finding that when I try to add my new view to the available CI Relation system views in the admin console (presentation->views->CI Relation) that OVSD disallows creation of a new view (error message:You are not allowed to insert this view info).

I'm running SP 20.

I want do one of two things:
Find a way to force OVSD to let me create the system view I want in the admin console - OR -
Find a way to automate the import of the custom views I have developed in my client. (can import be done from the command line?)

Any ideas guys?

The Pike
Honored Contributor

Re: CI Relation System View

In SP20, you have the ability to export views from client to client, which basically just saves the views.dat file to an X location. Mass distribution of the file is an entirely different story. You may want to try a third-party tool like MS SMS.

Look for ITSM005140 in the SP20 addendum.

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The Pike
Occasional Contributor

Re: CI Relation System View

Hi The Pike,

I know how to export and import views, I want to get away from having to do this manually, and seeing as I can't get at the CI Relation system views, it looks like that might be the only option.

I've looked into SMS (well SCCM, but that's much of a muchness). I believe that SCCM looks at the delta of what happens when you make a change. I don't know if it will be smart enough to inspect a views.dat file and pick out the newly added view data for the view that I want without damaging the views.dat file and without replacing existing custom views for the customer.
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