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Bulk Suspend Monitoring - SIM5

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Bulk Suspend Monitoring - SIM5

Is there a way to suspend monitoring on multiple devices all at once in SIM5? I have several network devices I need to suspend monitoring on. Having to do this one by one is a real pain.

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Re: Bulk Suspend Monitoring - SIM5

To suspend or resume system monitoring for multiple systems:

Select OptionsSystem PropertiesSuspend or Resume Monitoring. The Suspend or Resume Monitoring page appears.

Select target systems. Refer to Managing with Tasks - Creating a Task for more information.

Click [Next]. You can click [Add Targets] to add additional systems or select targets and click [Remove Targets] to remove the systems.

Select one of the following options:

Enable monitoring of target systems. Select this option if you no longer want the target systems to be suspended.

Suspend monitoring of target systems for. Select this option if you want to suspend target systems for a set amount of time. Set the time by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting an option.

Suspend monitoring of target systems indefinitely. Select this option to suspend target systems until it is set otherwise.

Click [Previous] to select different target systems, click [Schedule] to schedule the task, or click [Run Now] to run the task immediately.