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Bug in filtering views

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James Mohr

Bug in filtering views

Hi All!

This problems seems pretty obviously a bug. However, I would like to see if other people have this problem.

Right click the headers in a view for any object (service call, changes, service today, etc.). Set the filter so that it displays all objects where a particular field is NOT EQUAL to some value. You find that the objects where
this field is empty are also not show.

For example, I want to see ALL of the service calls that are assigned to someone else (not assigned to me). I set the filter for the "Assigned To" field to be "not equal to James Mohr". Not only are the calls that are assigned to me not displayed, the calls where the "Assigned To" field is EMPTY are no longer
displayed. I have tried this with several different objects and several different fields with the exact same behavior.


Martin Westerve
Honored Contributor

Re: Bug in filtering views

Hi James,

Indeed a pretty bug!!!

I reproduced it right away on Service Desk 4.0.

When you define the view in the system module the same problem arised. So, will you log a case with HP.


As finishing touch God created the Dutch
James Mohr

Re: Bug in filtering views

Hi Martin!

Already did and HP support has confirmed it. Whether or not they call it a bug is something different. ;-)


Oscar Willems
Regular Collector

Re: Bug in filtering views

Hello All,

This is a very old thread, but to me still of use!
We still have the same problem as descriped above.
Does anybody know whether this bug has been solved in a servicepack, or the KE ID of this bug?

Thanks, Anoek
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