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Hi all,

When start SD client I've got a message.

"Maximum number of account (5) has been reached for the current license."

1. How is maximum number of accounts is 5 when I have 13 accounts (10 Named and 3 Concurrent)?
2. SD license have time limitation (2 month) or maximum number of account limitation?
3. How to fix that? (New license key or something else)


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Bosko Kecman
Robert S. Falko
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Re: Boskina


Make sure you have entered the licence keys that correspond to your licence.

If you still have a problem, you probably need to contact H-P.

Ashly A K
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Re: Boskina


If you have keyed in the correct lic, and still u have this issue, only HP Support can help you .
Or, how the integration happes ? Is the integration accouts eating up the lic ? (just a wild guess)
Another thing, create a new database and connect to that and check how many users can login.

Marc Hummel
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Re: Boskina

Integration accounts have no bearing on licensing, they are 'unlimited'.

On a side note if you have configured any integration accounts and you have given them named/concurr change it.

As a workaround for now, create a generic account i.e. management or service and set it to named, hand out the info to the people who NEED to get in, auditing will be useless in this example, but they will be able to log in until you can get your issue with lic squared away.

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